Monday, May 28, 2007


Greetings all, from the beautiful city of Montreal. I am once more (somewhat) employed, and here in the big city for 2 weeks working with Ogilvy Renault, my last employer before leaving for Japan. I sent an email to the head of the IT group last week letting her know I was back, got a phone call within 12 hours telling me they need help ASAP and an offer was made within 18 hours of that email... how's that for timing! OR was definitely the best place I've ever worked, and the group here in Montreal is a lot of fun to work with. So far, they've only taken a few shots at getting me to move here, which I have parried well. As great a place\company as this is, Yoshiko and I will need my family's continued support over the next little while to get settled in, so a move to MTL is not in the cards.

So here we are, living it up in Montreal, still my favourite city in the world. It really is a unique city, with both French and English culture and history at it's core. On the streets, you'll be walking by a statue of King Henry VII of England one minute, and a statue of a French lieutenant who fought the English the next. Yoshiko spent the day getting familiarized with the area around our hotel and my office, which are both right in the downtown core, an easy walk away from the Old Port area of Montreal, which really is a very special place. She will be lucky to have almost 2 full weeks here in the city, while I work away the days. Montreal is a great night place though, so I'm sure we'll find lots to do, and I of course have the weekend off here.

The day went well, with an early morning train ride in and then some paperwork and setting up my station and stuff. This afternoon, I actually got my hands dirty in the whole Technology World which I haven't had much exposure to in the last 2 years, and things are slowly coming back to me. I have forgotten so much, but I take solace in the knowledge that I've probably forgotten more than many people in my position ever learn... so... lol Tomorrow is another day, and promises to be busier. We've made reservations at a really nice restaurant in Old Montreal for tomorrow night, and I think we'll splurge on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the district... if the weather is ok.

Anywho, off to bed... for only the second time in 3 months, I have work in the morning!


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