Thursday, May 31, 2007

An evening in Old Montreal

Well, so far it's been a good week. I was running around pretty good today, which is great actually. Nice to get back into the swing of things. Montreal is still a great city, and I am in no way bored of staying here, even though I've now probably surpassed in one trip how many nights I've ever stayed in Montreal proper. My favourite place by far is the old section of Montreal, le Vieux Port. On Tuesday night, having spotted and made reservations for a nice restaurant the night before, Yoshiko and I walked down to spend the evening in the area.

This is a shot I took near the Restaurant du Vieux Port where we enjoyed a fantastic meal. The creme brule was by far the best I've ever had... not too sweet with just enough caramelization... yum!

While we were walking around, we happened upon a movie shoot and later found out this was a Brad Pitt movie. He wasn't there at the time of course, but very cool nonetheless. Can't remember the title right now, but it's set in the 50s, as you can see by the period cars lining the street.

This is an area with such character, it's easy to understand why movies are often set/filmed here.

After a lovely 2 hour long dinner, we set out again walking along the river. This is the Marché Bonsecour, which is lit up along with the most prominent buildings in the area.

One thing we will try to do while we're here is to enter this tent. The Cirque du Soleil is in town with a show now, and from what I understand, tickets are available if you call just before the show... cross your fingers!

Part of the Montreal Skyline, as seen from the port.

And a few shots of this lovely building which I tried the other night.

And the fountain along the side of it.

So one more day of work and I'll be done for the week. Nice!


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