Sunday, June 17, 2007

First Chosen

Well another weekend is over here in Ottawa and tomorrow will mark 2 months since we arrived here from Japan... time sure does fly. We certainly have kept busy during that time, case in point, this weekend.

Saturday night, Christian and his band, First Chosen, were playing in a battle of the bands type show at Mavericks downtown on Rideau. Seeing as I'd never seen them play for a crowd, this was a good opportunity to finally do so. Unfortunately, due to some problems with the group organizing things, their set got cut down by half, to only 6 songs, but they did well with the time they were given, overcoming some annoyingly persistent obstacles which at one point had 2 of the band's 3 members unable to make it to the show at all. Luckily, an hour and a half before they were set to start playing, things came together and everybody made it in... on time... ish.

You can click on this banner to go to their site and listen to some tunes and see pictures and stuff. The recordings they have posted aren't all that great, much better to hear them live!

I also got to fiddle around with the S3 a bit trying to get some shots of them, but unfortunately the stage wasn't lit up all that well and my little camera came up short, though the videos were awesome with the S3's stereo sound recording. I think a DSLR is definitely in my future, not the near future though... Here are two of the better shots from the bunch I took... was getting jostled around pretty good by the crowd so it was hard to keep steady! Christian is on the bass and vocals with the green hat, Jer is lead singer and guitar and Phil is on the drums, good little group.

With First Chosen playing... well... first... we headed out right after and had dinner with Sherry and Adam, who I hadn't seen since we'd come back. For the first time in 2 years, I got to sample the great food served up at Pe Nan Wok on Bank street! I missed it!

After dinner, Yoshiko and I headed down by the river near the Remic Rapids hoping to see a bit of a sunset but the clouds weren't cooperating, so no go. We did see a gaggle of young geese eating along the side of the river with their parents keep a close eye on them... didn't realize geese had so many babies!

Today was of course Father's day, and the whole clan (almost) made it out to our place for an afternoon and evening enjoying the amazing weather which was served up. At some point this week, I'd like to make a run out to a nice little fishing spot where you're guaranteed some action. Yoshiko's previous fishing experience was pretty boring, I hope to liven things up a bit at this gem of a spot... location to be kept secret of course...


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