Monday, July 09, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Always nice to be back... a full report with photos will follow later this week... for now, a quick statistical look at our road trip down to Southern Ontario:

Distance driven: 1,665 km
Stops at Service Centers along the highway: 4
Iced Caps purchased from Tim Horton's: 3
Times I passed the same green Chevy Optra whose speed varied between 80 and 130kph: 6
Traffic jams encountered: 1
Toll highways taken: 1 (twice)
Cities visited: 2
Number of adorable god-daughters visited: 2
Church services attended: 1
Great Lakes admired: 2
American cities seen within spitting distance: 2
Years it took me to visit Niagara Falls: 27
Approximate distance of hotel room from the Falls: 300 meters
Photos taken: 358
Videos taken: 7

That's the general idea, a wonderful weekend, nice to meet little 4 month old Simone and see John and Sarah and Kadance again. And Niagara Falls? WOW! More later!


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