Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So finally, a few pictures from our time in Sarnia last weekend. Sarnia is right at the mouth of the second largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron. On Saturday, we all headed on down to the lake to check it out, my first time seeing Huron... and boy is it big. How big is it? It's surface area is more than Switzerland, or roughly the size of say, Hokkaido.... big lake!

Lake Huron is directly linked to the St-Lawrence River, which via a series of canals and channels and locks eventually connects right to the Atlantic Ocean. It is still used to this day as a shipping route for coal and salt, among other things. Large ships like this frequently make their way up and down the shipping routes, stopping at factories along the way.

The bridge you see here links the US and Canada, via the cities of Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario respectively. I've done the run across this bridge once before with John, quick shopping trip a couple of years back to take advantage of the lower US prices.

Of course, I didn't drive all the way down there to see lakes and bridges! I went to visit my dear friends John and Sarah and my little god-daughters Kadance:

and Simone:

Kadance is 3, and she's sprouted quite a bit during my two years away! Last time I saw her she'd just turned 1... my how time flies.

Little Simone on the other hand, was born in February, while I was still in Japan, so this was my first time meeting the little cutey. What a good baby she is, good temperament... and soooo strong!

The "official" reason for our visit was to take part in Simone's baptism, which went quite well, despite the heat and a few issues, as there always tend to be around these types of things.

It sure was great to see everyone again, and I did my best to get John and Sarah to start thinking about moving back out here again... Ottawa being the fantastic city that it is... and then our kids could grow up together!

Anywho, so that was that. Rough return to work this week after all that driving. I am so happy I managed to get Friday\Monday off to at least spread it out a bit. I'll blog again a little later this week with our photos from Niagara Falls... but that's it for now, off to bed with me!


Blogger Anskov said...


Did you have to go through a wardrobe to get there? ;)

11:21 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

No, but there was a suit hanging on a hook in my truck.... making it a wardrobe of sorts... that count?

8:55 AM  

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