Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's a ............ (warning, spoiler ahead)

For those of you, my parents especially, who do not wish to know what Yoshiko and I are having, look away now! (you can look at the ultrasound photo though, nothing showing there...)

For the rest of us, I am pleased to report that we will be the parents of a bouncing baby boy! In a little over 4 months actually, which is right around the corner. Yoshiko is still doing very well, belly is starting to pop out a bit, but still not too much. The baby is quite active now and I've felt the little guy moving around quite a few times.

In other news, we've finally begun to plan our Canadian wedding reception, going to check out two places this weekend, should be all booked up by next week. We're looking at an October 14th date, with Yoshiko's family making the trip down...

And that's about that. Have a lovely weekend.


Blogger theladouceurs said...

CONGRATULATIONS a baby boy oh the joy. I can not wait to meet him, I bet you have a lot of neat names picked out. The camping trip looks like it was a lot of fun. Loads of love

12:31 PM  

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