Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shooosh, I'm just one week behind...

Yeah the whole blog thing has not been at the forefront of my mind recently, as can be seen by the sparse blogs and mega-drop in incoming hits. Nonetheless, I will continue to post, probably only when I've got pictures to show off. Speaking of which, here are some pics from our second run out to Eagle's Nest since our arrival in Canada.

Last Sunday, one day later than originally planned due to some rain on Saturday, we packed up a lunch and headed on up the line to Calabogie and the fabulous Eagle's Nest hiking trail\observation point. With this being the weekend and the weather being so great, we met quite a few people once we got up there, including a couple of trail bikes who were zooming their way around.

Here are Christian and Yoshiko as we arrived on the back trail which follows the ridge and affords you some different views of the rock outcroppings and the river below.

What Christian is doing now, I've done many times. In the Fall, when I would come here bird hunting, I would often just sit here and while away an easy hour or so, depending on the weather of course.

My little Yoshiko, almost 5 months pregnant now. On that note, we will be going in for an ultrasound on Wednesday, expect an updated pic to be posted!

This lovely little thing is called a Kelly Kettle. It's main purpose is to boil water, which it does VERY well, but with some attachments, it can also serve as a stove. It is essentially a double-walled chimney with room for a fire at the bottom. You fill the outer walls with water, feed the fire in the middle through the hole in the top and voila, boiling water in a matter of minutes! The kettle allowed us to enjoy noodles on the side of the cliff, chopsticks included of course.

The nice, mature trees here are always a treat, especially when contrasted with a blue sky like this.

And of course the swamp is always a nice spot to stop and get a look at some wildlife or another. Sometimes it's ducks and geese, on this day, only frogs and minnows.

On the way back, we picked up the embarkation which will be whisking Sean and myself into excursions for years to come. A Scott Bluewater Scout Canoe in Royalite, a composite which is like Royalex but not quite as strong (or heavy). Coming in at 16'6", this bad boy should be a pleasure to cruise along with, even laden down with all our gear.

Of course, one doesn't have to go very far to experience a bit of the natural world. When we got home, I rescued this monarch butterfly which was repeatedly banging itself against the side of a tarp trying to escape. It decided to take a bit of a breather on my hand before flying off to do whatever it is butterflies do on warm summer days.

So that's that. Week 2 in the new job went well. I started to meet some of my suppliers, and things have slowed down at the office, allowing me some breathing room to continue to figure things out. With this being a long weekend, we're heading out to spend Sunday\Monday at the cottage and will be taking the canoe along for the ride. Pictures of its maiden voyage to be posted later, which will hopefully edge Sean into coming out for a quick run out somewhere sometime soon!


Blogger theladouceurs said...

Hey there guys looking good. Kadance really enjoyed the picture of uncle mitch with the butterfly and has requested you bring it with you next time you come up. Can't wait to find out if we will be buying pink or bleu talk to you soon. love us

12:36 PM  
Blogger Mungo said...

Terrific site! Sounds like you had a good trip to Algonquin - my favourite place: Mungo Says Bah...
I want to get a Kelly Kettle - I notice you have the cork in while it is heating? Anyhow, do you recommend it or not... curious -



10:08 PM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

Yeah, I've always left it in, not sure why since it prevents us from seeing the water... on the plus side, it bursts out when it's ready... kind of like the whistle on a kettle? lol

10:20 PM  

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