Sunday, February 10, 2008

Delinquant blogger...

Almost a month between posts now... how unfortunate... I guess our lives have been thrown into disaray for the last little while preparing for Keita's arrival and then adapting to it. Maybe once we get into a permanent routine, I'll be posting a bit more...

Needless to say, all is going well. Both baby and mommy are doing great, having recovered nicely from the traumas of birth. We had a little stretch where Keita wasn't gaining weight, which has passed... he's rounded the 8 pound mark and is coming up on 9! My how time flies... 2 months in a few days!

In the past week or so, he's really kicked up the cooing and smiling, which is great fun. Here he is doing his thing... wouldn't hold still AND smile at the same time though, hence the bluriness.

Luckily, his character is great, no colic or anything serious. He does tend to be fussy in the evenings though, probably just tired since he's not napping much during the day. When he's not pleased with something, he will certainly let us know! Look at that white "anger crease" in his forehead!

Grandpapa is also teaching the little guy the finer points of cooking, which the little guy certainly enjoys.

He hasn't stopped growing, if not in weight than at least in length... good piano playing fingers...

Aspiring to be Superman?

As far as nights go, he's got a pretty good routine going... down between 10 and midnight for a good 4-5 hour stretch, then up to feed and down for another 3 or more... sleep is good!

I've now returned to work, and have my first week under my belt, I think in some ways it'll be helpful to get back into that routine. In other news, we've gone and bought ourselves a house, moving the weekend of March 1st! Very exciting and it'll be nice to finally have a permanent place to call home.

Ah, and one more baby-related note.... GET A SLING! Here I am blogging, able to type with both hands with the little guy attached and looking around quite content. After trying some different styles, we opted for the Moby wrap, which is essentially just a really long piece of fabric you wrap a certain way... fantastic!

Mata ne...