Friday, May 09, 2008

Keita-kun in Japan

Short version: We made it!

Long version:
After a very long 24 hours of traveling, we're in lovely Imaichi, relaxing and getting over jet lag. The flight went very well, Keita did fantastically well, only whining for a few minutes throughout both flights. We are so lucky to have a good little trooper!

The first leg of our trip took us to Vancouver, allowing me to lay eyes on the Canadian Rockies for the first time.

The flight from Ottawa to Vancouver went very well, with Keita sleeping through a good half of it. The real test would be the 10 hour flight to Tokyo. Offsetting the length of the flight was the fact that we had a bassinet to set the little guy down in to sleep, freeing up our arms... this flight was also uneventful, except for the drunk moron trying to pick up the Japanese girl sitting next to him. After a couple of hours of him practically yelling, I finally talked to a flight attendant and had him shushed rather strongly, and cut off from any more booze... and the rest of the flight was nice and quiet.

One great thing about travelling with a baby: NO LINES! We get special treatment, no need to wait in line for Security or at Immigration, which speeds things up significantly. Here we are on one of the many moving carpets at Narita airport, Keita first trip (of many I'm sure) to Japan!

The poor little guy was pretty zonked after all that travelling.

And here's the pay off! After all that time in planes, little Keita meets his Japanese uncle for the first time.

With the happy (to have survived the trip) parents looking on...

After a quick feed and diaper change in a really nice nursing room at the airport, we were off and running for the final leg of our trip, the 3 hours drive from Narita to Imaichi. On the way, we stopped in Sano for some Ramen, and Keita enjoyed his first Japanese restaurant experience.

Then, the meetings continued, with Keita meeting his Japanese great-grand mother, all smiles after napping during the entire drive.

And finally for the evening, the proud grandfather getting to know the little guy.

Keita was more than happy to ham it up for the crowd, doing his famous flip and spin, for the first time on tatami mat.

And then it was off to bed for the little guy. He's been sleeping a lot since we got back, getting over the jet lag in his own way I guess.

Yesterday, we went on an orgy of Japanese food buying, filling up our suitcases with the stuff we've missed out on in Canada. Little Keita was genki and up for the trip.

We got back just in time for a visit from Yoshiko's aunt and uncle with their 6 and 3 year old grand-daughters who had a great time getting to know their little cousin.

Today is nasty out, cold and raining so I think we're going to be hanging around here and relaxing. I'm looking forward to our first trip in to Utsunomiya so I can check out my old stomping grounds.

Speaking of ground... it's been moving pretty well since we arrived. I felt something like 5 quakes before breakfast yesterday, seems things are pretty active around here these days. Some of these are pretty big, 5s and 6s, but off the coast to the East, so not that strong here...

More later!


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