Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lake Chuzenji

Another fantastic day touring the area, this time, a run up Irohazaka to lake Chuzenji. We headed on out after breakfast this morning, leaving our humble abode on a beautiful, perfect blue sky day.

The drive up went pretty well, what with it being a Tuesday and all. Very light traffic in comparison to what we saw on the weekend. Nonetheless, the parking lots and cable cars were packed, with Koyo well under way in a number of areas, but still only about 10% of the leaves having any colour.

Our first stop was the spectacular Kegon Falls, where (for the first time ever for me) we took the elevator down to the bottom of the falls for a different view.

After chasing a bored Keita around for a bit amongst throngs of school kids out on field trips, we piled back into the car for a tour of the Italian Embassy Villa, with it's gorgeous views of the lake. This area had quite a few leaves changing, and I took advantage to take a few shots.

Our little man made his way down by the water and was quite content throwing rocks into the clear blue waters of lake Chuzenji.

After pulling him forcibly away from his rocks, we managed to get back on the trail back to the car and off to lunch at the Kanaya Hotel's Yukon Cafe, a Canadian-built log building on the shores of the lake. While we waited for a table, Keita found some more rocks to throw 'round...

After lunch, we headed deeper into the mountains and along the back side of Nantai-san to have a soak in the foot onsen at Yumoto-onsen. Nice and relaxing.

The final stop of this outing was a walk 'round Ryuzu Falls, where I played around with the Neutral Density filter on my cam and came out with some nice shots of the water.

After dropping Doris and Andre off at their hotel, Yoshiko and I commandeered a vehicle and dispatched Keita with his grandparents so that we could enjoy a bit of time alone for our anniversary. Interestingly enough, the last couple of days have mirrored our first couple of dates and we've even managed to re-create a couple of photos from 4 years back... fun! To kill off some time before dinner, we walked around Nikko for a bit and ended up back in the shop of this artist I guess we've come to love. After looking around, we made our second purchase (the first being a wedding gift for a friend) and had him paint a white dragon with Keita's name in kanji for our house. Can't wait to have it framed and mounted.

Once more in a reminiscing mood, we had dinner at Yama no restaurant, where we had the lunch for our wedding. Food was as great as I remembered, went all out and had the tochigi beef. Yum!

And that was it for the day, other than the packing of course as I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a 7 day tour through 6 towns. Looking forward to hitting the rails again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this sounds heavenly Michel. And indeed Keita is no longer a baby. I am sure he can move quickly. You give me courage to travel with a toddler. I hope I can.
I remember that lunch at Yama No Restaurant fondly. Happy third anniversary!!! Time passes too quickly...

2:43 AM  

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